Monitoring kit

Bloteste monitoring kit lets track sugar levels at any point of the day and no matter where are. This kit was developed to provide accurate and high- quality results and simplify the whole process of testing.

Reliable results

Accuracy and precision is the most important things when it comes to testing and monitoring sugar levels, this is why Bloteste glucometer features an advanced technology that provides accurate results.

Easy to use

It takes just a few seconds to turn the device on. don’t have to code it or save some presets. It provides fast and accurate results. The test strips are easily ejected and removed with no fuss.

A value kit

Bloteste comes as a kit and includes everything need for a proper testing at home. The kit includes a control solution, test strips, lancets, lancing device, deluxe travel case, logbook and instructions.

Adjustable lancet

Bloteste comes with its own lancet device that has five depth settings. With this feature, can easily choose what is comfortable for and forget about lancing devices that don’t work or are too rough.

And more..

Bloteste kit is fast, compact and easy to use device that allows to easily keep track of sugar levels and well- being.

The kit is designed to be used at home and it features easy control buttons and a small screen. Bloteste is compact and small and can fit in pocket.

Bloteste kit also features an auto- coding technology, which makes it easier to use. The device has a test memory of 365 results and it automatically calculates average results on weekly basis.

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  • Fast results01
  • Manual included 02
  • Small sample needed03
  • Provides accurate results 04
  • 2 years warranty05

Price: € 32.00

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